This is a question I am often asked. For many of our guests visiting Bali the weather vitally important. Some don’t like it too hot and some don’t like it wet, but most love the sun. For surfers and fishermen, hikers and bikers, sun lovers and yogis each group has a favourite season. So here is your guide to the weather and seasons in Bali. 

In Bali we have two seasons wet and dry. The wet season starts in October, you can literally feel the humidity start to build. Clammy, hot days with very little breeze, distant thunder clouds threatening to cool everything down, but only a light rain at night. November sees the start of the rain, usually in the late afternoon after a hot and sunny morning. This continues throughout December and then peaks in January with sometimes a few days and nights with huge rains. The huge rains can be a spectacle in themselves, literally buckets of rain you can dance in. Don’t worry the sun will definitely show itself for a few hours in between. Afterward we have the gradual slowing up until the end of February when March sees a mirroring of the humidity to October. 

If you are reading this ask me if you should visit in January, I would ask you where you are coming from. If it’s Europe and it’s 2 degrees and dark at 4pm then, I would say you are much better off in Bali. If it’s the dry heat of the Middle East then yes you are better off in Bali. Or the sweltering temperatures in Sydney then yes you will love Bali in the rainy season! As I write this in mid-November the rains are late and it’s 35 degrees!

The dry season sees little variation in the temperature from the wet season, but the skies are clear blue, the wind picks up and the rain is nowhere to be seen. You know when the dry season has really started when the sky is filled with the long tail kites and the kite surfers are in heaven in Sanur.  So, if you like endless days of blue, blue skies then you will love June, July, August and September. The nights are just as clear, with twinkling stars and dramatic full moons, and lows of 24 degrees. Perfect for all the big parties that take place around the Island during these busy months. 

For the sunrise and sunset lovers, all year round, the times hardly vary, light at 6am dark at 6:30pm is pretty much it. 

To choose the perfect Bali Villa in for any season