I first heard of Solemen via Facebook over 6 years ago. Their story of two dedicated people, Robert Epstone and Sarah Chapman originally from the UK who had met some of the desperate and forgotten people in Bali. People who had mental health issues, very serious disabilities, genetic conditions and birth defects. 

Coming from the UK I have taken the NHS (National Health System) for granted and could only imagine what it must mean for an uneducated family with no money to try and take care of their family with serious health issues. 

Here were two humanitarians, Sarah a qualified nurse and Robert a passionate fund raiser, trying to do what they could to help any person who was referred. 

My lasting memory will be of a family of three in Denpasar with a genetic disorder left without dignity, sanitary or stimulation; forgotten and without hope. Solemen managed to get them on their feet, clothed them, washed them and let them know that someone cared for them. Today they have their own house and vegetable garden and their neighbours are no longer scared of them. 

As of today, Solemen are helping 2011 needy souls from new-born babies to a 120 yr old. People that don’t have a NHS to rely on. Their families doing what they can for them but finding that they just don’t have the money or skills to help their loved ones, with such serious problems. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, you’ll see here a photo from one of their  fun days out at the DASH Hotel. Providing some much-needed respite, fun and laughter for a group of 25 youngsters. They have also just opened a new home where families can spend time between hospital visits. 

To do our bit to help, a couple of our Cool Bali Villa owners choose to support Solemen, by donating a $1 per night per room for every night that their Villa is occupied. We’ve been supporting them this way for a couple of years now and by donating sheets, towels, clothes and equipment which is too old to use in our Villas.


How can you help?


If you are coming to stay with us and have room in your suitcase, for some items on the wish list (see below) they would be delighted. Or if you have some old clothes, sheets or towels that would be gratefully received. Just leave them with us and we will take it to their offices. Otherwise donations via their website would be awesome. 

Wish list http://solemen.org/wishlist/ 

If you would like to know more about Solemen or to make a donation please visit http://solemen.org/donate/ or contact Robert Epstone robert.epstone@solemen.org